User Feedback (KimberlyKane1)

themerceny    (feedback on: 05/14/2017)
Totally awesome. Would buy from again
themerceny    (feedback on: 05/14/2017)
Another lovely mystery box. Lots of goodies and was totally worth it. Pick up a box next time!
rambleon365    (feedback on: 04/27/2017)
Great seller. Thanks.
RockerBoy72    (feedback on: 04/17/2017)
soooo sexy.. love Kim.. back off fella's .. she's mine!
RockerBoy72    (feedback on: 04/17/2017)
yum.. simply.. yum...
wundstex88    (feedback on: 04/12/2017)
Rav993    (feedback on: 04/04/2017)
Best seller here. Everything comes quickly, better than hoped for, and a great person to deal with. Fast, quick responses and always great
CaraDePau    (feedback on: 02/04/2017)
Great seller! Got the heels just as listed!
Logan76    (feedback on: 09/14/2016)
Thank you very much Kimberly for this beautiful and sexy bikini :)
Arredandrew    (feedback on: 06/13/2016)
I don't want to go too in depth like one of those vine people from amazon, but I would like to say that Ms. Kane has been extremely helpful and kind to update me on my won item. Like a kid who pre-ordered some new xbox game, I too was repeatedly excited t
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