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PinupFiles.Com was founded and went online in April 1998 with the mission of bringing back the "pinups of yesteryear" to the mainstream internet. Stretching from the early 80's all the way back to the early 50's, PinupFiles made monthly "issues" in the spirit of the old girlie magazines of the era, a tradition it still does today. In 2003, PinupFiles began doing it's own original pinups, shooting modern day models in the styles of the busty 50's and 60's pinups, and influenced by such photographers as Bunny Yeager and Russ Meyer who specialized in curvy, sexy, bombshells and girl-next-door type women. The response to this was amazing and PinupFiles gradually expanded its portfolio to include a number of the very top Playmates and Playboy Models, all of whom loved the idea of posing in a "retro" style way. Eventually, PinupGlam.Com was born to accommodate the demand for more of the modern day gals, and thus PinupFiles remains a cross between the retro models of the past and the current models of today, while PinupGlam is dedicated solely to the present day gals.

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