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I was born in Manila, Philippines but I grew up on the tropical island of Maui in Hawaii. When I turned 18, I started modeling for local photographers. During those first shoots, I realized how much I enjoyed being in front of the camera. Shortly after graduating from high school, I saved up some cash and moved to L.A. to pursue my modeling career.

So far, I'm having a total blast! I've worked with many of the top photographers in the glamour industry and shot with some of the hottest models around. I've been featured in national publications such as Playboy Special Editions, STUFF Magazine, Mystique Magazine, and various import related magazines. I love making new friends and meeting fans, so I attend carshows and conventions when my schedule allows. I never thought I'd ever have the opportunity to travel so much!

My favorite thing about my career would have to be my website =) My website gives me a direct connection to fans and I love sharing my work with everyone.

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