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My name is Michelle Marie Baena. I got started in modeling when I was on the Cover of Playboys May 2005 issue of Americas Hottest Housewives at the age of 32. Since then I have been on over 25 Benchwarmer Trading Cards and continue to shoot and do signings with them. I shot for Mystique Magazine and Mac and Bumble, Cover of Rockstar Magazine, Cover of Coastal Magazine and Cover of LA Epress and lots more. I love to connect with fans through autograph shows, and my auction sites as well as facebook. I'm currently working on starting my own line of Bikini's and continue to do photo shoots. Modeling has always been a dream of mine and I feel blessed that I was able to finally make this dream become a reality. Thanks for all the support and kind words from everyone I've met along the way. ~XOXO Michelle Baena

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