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Alana has appeared on such TV shows as NBC' "Passions", "Days of Our Lives", CBS' "Robbery Homicide Division" with Tom Sizemore, "The Bold & the Beautiful", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher" and "The Howard Stern Show" on E! Her film credits include "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" and "Time Changer", as well as a string of independent films including "Is This Seat Taken", "Changing Fates" , and "A Pony for Maria". She has graced the covers and pages of such magazines as "944", "Knockout", "Autograph Collector", "Femme Fatales", "Sirens of Cinema" , "Horror Mania", "Play", "Non Sport Update", "Car Craft", and "Angeleno". Alana is also a "Benchwarmer Trading Card" model with her own trading cards and stars in the new game "Sweet Dreams". Check out Alana starring in the dark comedy "Revamped" and in "Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter" both to be released in late 2007. For more on Alana visit her official site or

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