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I am a true Sagittarius: generous, warmhearted, creative, enthusiastic broad-minded, expansive, faithful and loving. Here's my life story in case you are interested. I was born on December 19th, 1980 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. I moved to the Uzbek capitol, Tashkent when I was 2 years old and stayed till I was 21. I come from a good family that instilled a lot of values upon me. I am very thankful for my upbringing because it made me who I am today. My parents raised me and they were an extremely happy loving couple until my mother died of cancer when i was 19. At the age of 13, I started to study folkloric dances like Belly Dance, Middle Eastern, Russian gypsy, flamenco etc. I established my own dance troupe when I was 16! At the same age while getting my I.D. picture taken, the photographer said, �wow you should be a model�! With so few opportunities in my country to model, this served as the basis for me deciding I needed to get to the USA to follow my dreams. After high school I went to Bremen, Germany and spent 4 years there.

Nearly 4 years ago I finally moved to Denver, Co. USA where I started modeling. .I work very hard at any task I am given and am very professional. My talents in wardrobe and hair and make-up help me excel in my modeling. September 2008, we launched my web site, . I am pleased by the way my site has been received and excited at the rapid momentum that is building as a result of my dedication, and natural affinity for the camera, whether still, or video. I have been to Tulum, Mexico, and Hawaii, amongst other locales to do photo shoots and videos. New doors continue to open for me and I'm grateful that it has taken off so quickly. With my web site, besides photo work, we have been having fun doing a range of videos, from glamour model videos, to super sexy music videos, to crazy talk dirty improv comedy videos. Since November 2008, besides my web site, I have had over 1000.000 folowers on FaceBook.

With my work ethic and drive, I am becoming widely recognized. When I achieve a goal I'm constantly setting new ones, as I believe the skies the limit.

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